There’s a lot of glamour to be had and experienced in Europe. This is basically the ultimate destination for female travelers who will enjoy shopping in Paris, taking a Jane Austen tour of England, catching some theatre in West End or romanticizing about life in Venice.

  1. Shopping in Paris, France

    Take the girlfriends to Paris for a weekend of shopping. Sip coffee on the Champs Elysees, buy a coat from the famed Printemps or Galeries Lafayette shopping centers, take in a museum and think elegance.

  2. London Theatre, England

    Catch a bit of West End theatre or musical for a cultural experience during your London visit.

  3. Venice

    You don’t need a husband, boyfriend or any kind of companion to enjoy the wonders of this romantic city. Remember romance doesn’t have to mean love although you may fall in love with the canals, islands, watery vistas, palazzo’s and gondolas.

  4. Literary tour, England

    Revisit your favorite authoress’ Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and Beatrix Potter on a journey that will take you to Bath, Yorkshire and the Lake District respectively visiting the homes and areas they frequented. You could extend the journey by visiting locations filmed in recent television adaptations and films.

  5. Budapest Baths, Hungary

    Budapest is famed for its thermal baths so come along and get some pampering.

  6. Cooking class, Tuscany

    The tastes of Italy are a great way to join other women and have a bit of fun. Learn the secrets behind a perfectly cooked pasta, the joys of tiramisu and the sauces, wines and tit bits that go with a great meal. Buon apetito!

  7. Chateaux, France

    Rent your very own chateaux or villa in the heart of the French countryside in the Loire Valley or the Dordogne. Then slip into a quiet life of café visits and markets.

  8. Great Trains of Europe, London to Istanbul

    Take a great train journey across Europe enjoying the scenery from the comfort of your carriage, talking with other passengers and the interesting stops along the way.

  9. Camino, Spain

    Walk this pilgrimage route from the French Pyrenees to the medieval town of Santiago de Compostela in north west Spain. People of all ages, genders and nationalities do this annually and the track is a constant hum of friendships to be made and experiences to be had.

  10. Ireland

    Ireland is known for its friendly people, beautiful countryside and family owned B&Bs. It’s the perfect travel location for women and where you’ll feel perfectly safe even in the pub where there’s no stigma attached to women drinking. Take a literary tour around the national capital following in the steps of James Joyce, hike through Glendalough or bike around the undulating country from hostel to hostel.