Take spiritual journeys in India or Mongolia with gurus and shamans, a massive train journey through Russia or Vietnam, get some kickboxing done in Thailand or shop hard in Hong Kong.

  1. Trans Siberian train journey

    The Trans Siberian is a mammoth train route from Beijing, China to St Petersburg, Moscow passing through some enormous tracts of desert in Mongolia and Siberia. The almost 6,214 mile train journey spans eight countries and takes several days depending where you stop and where you finish.

  2. Kickboxing, Thailand

    This is a popular sport for women in Thailand and you can get in some handy aerobic workouts and more in the backyard gyms of Bangkok. If you’re game take on a female competitor at the crowded Rangsit Stadium.

  3. Hill tribes, Thailand

    Investigate some of the beauty practices of Burmese women amongst the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. There are Akha, Karen, Lisu, Lahu, Hmong, long necked Paduang, Mein, Yao and Musor groups up here each with their own distinctive dress, jewelry and customs. Perhaps the most interesting are the rings that the long necked Paduang or giraffe women use.

  4. Geisha, Japan

    Geisha are a rare sight in Japan today and most can be found in the resort town of Atami. These traditional female entertainers used to number over 80,000 in the 1920s. Now there are estimated to be just 1-2,000. Go and see the real ones at work entertaining guests or take a geisha makeover in Kyoto and Tokyo and become one yourself for a few hours.

  5. Shaman, Mongolia

    Try to understand Shaman lore during your next trip to Mongolia. Shamans still exist across Mongolia and are a priest or medium and act as a conduit between the human world and the realm of the spirits.

  6. Unification Express, Vietnam

    Travel by train from Hanoi down to Saigon – a unique way to meet people and an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the entire country from north to south.

  7. Shopping, Hong Kong

    One of the best places to fill your suitcases is here in this high-rise heaven across from the Chinese mainland. Cheap, attractive and bountiful markets are everywhere with clothing, house hold knick knacks, shoes, fish, flowers and anything else you can imagine on sale.

  8. Goa, India

    This southern state of India is the most relaxed of the sub continent and where women in dresses far out number those in sari’s. Goa is catholic and women enjoy an equal share in property and business. You’re also pretty safe with beach garb, just keep it to the beach, friendly locals and great healthy food and you can even find beef and beer!

  9. Spiritual retreat, India

    Undertake a spiritual journey and check into one of the many ashrams in India. Here you can find distinguished spiritual and yoga gurus where you can stay and study.

  10. Singapore

    Meet up with fellow runners and join the "Hash House Harriers" in Singapore. This is a really friendly women’s destination and is known as one of the cleanest cities in the world. It’s also easy to navigate and most people speak English.