Dive for pearls in Bahrain, take a belly dance tour through Egypt, shop til you drop in Istanbul and relax in baths in Tunisia or Morocco. There’s plenty of choice here for the woman traveler in Africa and the Middle East.

  1. Belly dance, Egypt

    If you’re a belly dancer you’ll love a visit to Egypt to watch the performers or even take dance lessons for the experts.

  2. Dive for pearls, Bahrain

    If you like diving come here to try their famous pearl diving. Incredibly if you find a pearl while diving it’s yours to keep – a fabulous souvenir.

  3. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

    The perfect place to go shopping is in this amazing warren of alleyways selling all manner of goods from rugs to shawls, nuts and spices. Bargain hard and you’ll fill your suitcases in no time.

  4. Hammam tours, Arab bath houses

    If you’ve been traveling awhile or just want somewhere to relax the bathhouses of Morocco and Tunisia will be just your thing. Pack your bath lotions and strip down for some serious scrubbing and pummeling and the chance to meet with locals. It’s amazing the social interactions that can take place in your birthday suit!

  5. Dead Sea, Israel

    Relax in the Dead Sea and get some remarkable health treatments. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth (more than 400m below sea level) and its waters are ten times saltier than the ocean and said to rejuvenate the body or even cure skin disease, arthritis, rheumatism and respiratory problems.

  6. Volunteer

    If you have some concerns about traveling to Africa alone as a female then consider joining any number of voluntary agencies that can get you a voluntary placement. Work in Tanzania among local artists, with orphans in Togo, teach in Liberia, do journalism work in Ethiopia or help save the lemur in Madagascar.

  7. Jordan

    Don’t be frightened off by the stigma of the Middle East in this incredibly friendly and hospitable country. However you should dress conservatively. You’ll love the archaeological wonders such as Petra, the endless cups of tea and colorful marketplaces.

  8. Food tour, Morocco

    If you’re a foodie you’ll love the noise and bustle of the old medinas and markets and more still the exciting flavors of Moroccan food. Couscous, tangine and mint tea are just the starters in the food wonders to eat through.

  9. Cape Winelands, South Africa

    Follow the wine tasting route through the picturesque regions outside Cape Town. The most popular and well known are Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Wellington and Paarl.

  10. Music tours

    Get in touch with some of the music greats of Africa. Visit Ghana for it’s exquisite drumming and take a lesson, go to Cape Verde Islands home of soulful Cesaria Evora or to Mali to catch the afro-pop of Salif Keita. There are also plenty of music festivals including the renowned Festival in the Desert in January in Mali. Many tour groups bring people to this.