Much of Latin America has a bad reputation as being unsafe for women. There are plenty of tales of forward men, pick pocketing and harassment. But there are also locations where you can feel safe and enjoy what the continent has to offer.

  1. Learn Spanish

    Return home with the sounds of Spanish on your tongue studying abroad in Buenos Aires or Cuzco. You’ll meet other students and make friends to travel with later.

  2. Mud bath, Colombia

    Visit the El Totumo mud volcano which is approximately 100 feet high. Join the people from all over the world who go there to take the famous mud baths for health or just for fun.

  3. Learn to surf, Mexico

    The perfect place to learn to surf with other women is on the wonderful beaches of Mexico.

  4. Cooking and shopping in Oaxaca, Mexico

    Culinary-minded travelers will love the gourmet options of Mexico. Learn about the famous moles (sauces) and other dishes of chefs in Oaxaca. And enjoy the renowned quality arts and crafts in local markets. Rugs, ceramics and wooden figurines are amongst the shop-til-you-drop options.

  5. Costa Rica

    This is considered one of the safest Latin American destinations for female travelers, particularly outside the capital San Jose. It’s also good if you’re on a budget! There are plenty of eco tourism adventures to be had in the rainforests.

  6. Work on your sun tan, the Caribbean

    Get into your bathers for a vacation in the Caribbean enjoying peaceful stretches of beaches in Belize or sailing through the uninhabited Virgin Islands.

  7. Dancing, Havana

    Take your girlfriends and get in touch with Spanish and African traditions in Cuba. Jazz festivals and salsa concerts are regular features and you are always welcome to join in. Practically every corner of old Havana explodes with music.

  8. Scuba diving, Belize

    Belize has a barrier reef that rivals Australia’s; the perfect place for snorkeling and diving.

  9. Volunteer work

    There are plenty of opportunities in Latin America to do volunteer work; a wonderful way to integrate into a local community in a safe environment and learn more about the culture. You could work amongst indigenous communities in Bolivia teaching English or helping orphans. In Honduras there are building projects, on the Galapagos Islands get involved in conservation and in Peru help clear ancient Inca ruins.

  10. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    If you’ve always wanted to see the amazing wildlife of these remote islands consider a cruise that will take you there. If you’re on your own you’ll easily slot into ship life with other passengers or you can take your mum, sister or girlfriend.