Women of the world that come to North America can enjoy indulgences such as shopping in Manhattan or catching their favorite television show at a live studio. Or they can pick wildflowers while hiking in Colorado or climb the highest point in the continental United States.

  1. Hollywood in Action, California

    The easiest way to see your favorite stars is to simply attend the taping of a live television show. Numerous TV sitcoms are taped daily at the local studios and you can be part of the live studio audience.

  2. Mt Whitney hiking challenge

    Backpack your way to the summit of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental United States. Take several days to fully appreciate the dramatic, beautiful scenery in the High Sierra following the Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail before you take on the summit and become a Whitney Woman!

  3. Montana retreat

    Combine a retreat of yoga, skiing, hiking or horseback riding in some gorgeous scenery on the health retreats and ranches of Montana.

  4. Llama Trekking, Wyoming

    These sure footed, friendly companions can carry your pack as you take on some of the spectacular scenery of the Rocky Mountains on the Highline Trail. Llamas are naturally curious and very aware of their surroundings and will often spot the wildlife first.

  5. Shopping, Manhattan, New York

    Enjoy some high-end Manhattan shopping on Fifth Avenue, Broadway or Madison Avenue during your trip to the Big Apple.

  6. Colorado Wildflowers

    Pick some flowers in the American Basin or photograph the amazing wildflower meadows against a backdrop of mountains.

  7. Mud baths, Calistoga, California

    Relax with a mud bath and reduce stress in this area where hot springs and relaxation treatments have been used since the days of the Native Americans and early Spanish settlers.

  8. San Francisco art galleries, California

    Do an art tour in the galleries of San Fran. There are sophisticated galleries that feature master works, while the South Market galleries double as bars and clubs, and art and activism heads the Mission art galleries.

  9. Whitewater rafting, California

    Never considered white water rafting before? Why not undertake some of the options in the safety and company of other women?

  10. Dogsled and hot springs, Lake Tahoe

    Take on the fun of winter spots by snow shoeing, cross country skiing or dog sledding around Lake Tahoe then relax each afternoon in the local hot springs. Enjoy the fireplace at night, local foods and even yoga classes.