Suggested Tour Operators

The Women's Travel Group (, Tel. + 1 646 309 5607)
A tour operator organizing cultural, adventure, spiritual and spa experiences from North America to worldwide destinations. It is the only women's tour company that will guarantee a share if you want to save money.
Gutsy Women Travel (, Tel. + 1 800 209 9063)
A tour company created to celebrate the travel spirit of every woman to some fun destinations like Morocco, Greece and China.
SWT Tours (, Tel. + 1 917 880 6732)
These senior women’s tours are designed for ladies over 50 with a zest for travel. The list of tours includes literary tours of Dublin, New York lifestyle trips and even more exotic locations like Peru.
Women Cooking Tours Italy (, Tel. + 1 617 247 4112)
Hands-on cooking, touring, market visits and cheese tasting in Italy.
Jennifer’s Journey (
Hand picked, women-friendly excursions that incorporate classics such as shopping in Manhattan with adventure activities like scuba diving in Belize, surfing in Mexico or cooking in the Mediterranean.
Women’s Adventure Travel (, Tel. + 1 800 804 8686)
Specializes in trips designed especially for women over 30 years including excursions such as hiking, riding and barge trips in France, Italy, Ireland and Spain or summer hiking in Montana or Wyoming.
Women Traveling Together (, Tel. + 1 800 795 7135)
Vacations and adventure for women on their own mostly in North America with a few options in South America and Europe.
Women’s Travel Network (, Tel. + 1 905 771 8338)
A Canadian company that specializes in arranging trips for women only. Destinations include fitness challenges in the Caribbean, European wine and culinary tours, a golf weekend or horseback riding at a Canadian ranch.
Adventure travel for women (, Tel. 1300 883 475)
Australian operator offering real fun adventures to places like Borneo, Peru and the Australian outback.
Adventure Associates (, Tel. + 1 (888) 532 8352)
An ecologically sensitive adventure-based travel company for women offering kayak trips to San Juan islands, sailing in the Mediterranean, cruises on Alaska’s Inside Passage, trekking in Peru or hiking in the rugged North West.
Adventurous Wench (, Tel. +866-419-3624)
Adventure tours aimed at women, including solo female travelers. Lots of womanly touches.
Women Travel New Zealand (, Tel. + 64 9 432 1234)
Offers information on accommodation, adventures, retreats and other essential information for the woman traveler to New Zealand.
Women Traveling Together (, Tel. + 1 800 480 4448)
Offers a wide variety of travel and retreat options particularly to the USA and Europe.

Do-it-yourself options

It is easy enough to travel alone or organize a trip for your own group of friends, sister or female family members. If you are completely on your own you should definitely have a comprehensive, detailed map of the area and any transport information you need about train schedules. You should also try to learn some of the language spoken in the region.

If it is the first time you’ve tackled a journey by yourself start close to home initially. Try not to move around too much with all your gear. Find a base and get to know that place well. You will be less vulnerable and feel less stressed if you have a base. Try to avoid romantic destinations or places where you will feel more alone.

Try to stay in hostels or guesthouses which encourage traveler interaction. Hotels and resorts can be lonely places or the domain of couples and families. In hostels there are often theme nights or communal dining experiences which allow you to meet other travelers. Most travelers are very friendly and the reality is that most people are too, particularly outside major cities. The friendships you make during your travels can well turn into lifelong ones.