Recommended reading

Travel Girl Magazine
A great resource for women looking to improve their lives by finding and integrating escape into every day journeys and exotic vacations.
A Woman’s World: True Stories of Life on the Road by Marybeth Bond
A collection of more than 50 travel and adventure tales by women riding across Mongolia on horseback, rafting in Borneo or weathering a blizzard in Utah.
Go Your Own Way: Women Travel the World Solo by Faith Conlon, Ingrid Emerick and Christina Henry de Tessan
Twenty-three essays by women recounting the joys of traveling solo. The journeys through Uzbekistan, Borneo and Buenos Aires tell of the friends met along the way and show that alone doesn’t have to mean lonely.
100 Places Every Woman Should Go by Stephanie Elizondo Griest
A book that encourages women of any age to see the world and create their own list of dreams. The author highlights 100 special destinations and activities from diving for pearls in Bahrain to racing a camel, yak, or pony across Mongolia; to dancing with voodoo priestesses in Benin and urban cowboys in Texas; to taking a mud bath in a volcano off the coast of Colombia.
Gutsy Women: More Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road by Marybeth Bond
A book full of useful tips with everything from safety and security to health and hygiene, bargaining, keeping in touch, tipping and packing. A must for anyone that wants to travel and feel safe and well prepared.
Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle by Dervla Murphy
This is the diary of the gritty Irishwoman’s 1963 journey across Europe, through Iran and Afghanistan and over the Himalayas to Pakistan and India. Murphy’s travels are both unique and appealing and should encourage an adventure of your own.
Alone Across the Arctic: One Woman’s Epic Journey by Dog Team by Pam Flowers
An exciting memoir recounting the 2,500-mile journey across the North American Arctic by Pam Flowers. It retraced in reverse a 1924 expedition from Barrow, Alaska, to Repulse Bay in Northwest Canada. Flowers (and her eight dogs) became the first woman and the first American to do so.

Useful Websites

A collection of stories about women’s travel and advice for upcoming trips.
Women Travel Tips (
Travel tips from experienced traveler and author Marybeth Bond for women traveling alone, teens, families and other travelers.
Journeywoman (
Online travel resource for women with packing ideas, health tips, travel articles and plenty of destination information.
Women’s Travel Magazine (
Budget, corporate, wedding and other travel ideas for women.