Take a roll as a jillaroo on a cattle station in outback Australia, tramp the friendly trails of New Zealand, undertake a driving vacation on the famed east coast of Australia or volunteer on an organic farm. There’s sailing to be done on the smaller islands in the Pacific and a wonderful boat trip in Papua New Guinea. Women have a lot of choice in this part of the world.

  1. Jillaroo, Australia

    Cattle stations in Australia are often looking for volunteers to give them a hand. Have a real life experience as a station hand and learn all about horse riding, mustering, milking cows, saddling and swimming with horses, throwing a lasso and fence construction.

  2. Outback Safari, Australia

    Discover the real outback Australia through a camping safari in rugged and stunning beautiful environments. Join women’s camping groups, find a female companion or do it alone but stay safe!

  3. East coast adventure, Australia

    Grab yourself a used vehicle and plod along Australia’s east coast between Sydney and Cairns with a friend or even on your own. Pack in some camping gear and head out. It’s populated, safe and you can’t get lost – you can only go north or south.

  4. Tramping, New Zealand

    Tramping on New Zealand’s tracks is perfectly safe for the lone female traveler. In summer the tracks are busy with other trampers and you can make friends and even join other groups. Popular routes include the Milford Track, Routeburn and Abel Tasman.

  5. Multi sport, New Zealand

    A number of operators offer women’s only discovery tours of the magnificent South Island. Go by bike, foot or kayak for some spectacular scenery and good company.

  6. Sailing journey, Vanuatu

    Journey into an untouched paradise aboard a sailing boat in Vanuatu and enjoy the reefs, tropical fish and unspoiled environment.

  7. The Sepik, Papua New Guinea

    If you’ve always wanted to explore Papua New Guinea but were afraid of the dangers, the cruises up the river offer a protected environment while giving you the chance to really see the mangroves, grasslands, crocodiles, cannibals and manhood initiation ceremonies of the Sepik.

  8. Wwoofing, Australia or New Zealand

    Become a volunteer in this network and work and travel around organic farms in Australia or New Zealand. You’ll meet locals, get accommodation and learn about farming.

  9. Motorbike tours, Australia or New Zealand

    Rent a motorbike and join a group of other women touring Australia or New Zealand at a regulated pace perfect for the girls.

  10. Walkabout in the Blue Mountains, Sydney

    Hike the Blue Mountains with an Aboriginal woman who will show you rock carvings and teach the culture of her ancestors. You will see the art, ceremonial sites, artifacts and hear dreamtime stories. Some tours also offer the option of bush tucker tasting afterwards or to bathe in a billabong.