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Recommended reading

Alpinist (http://www.alpinist.com)
More of a literary journal than a magazine, this well respected publication is laced with excellent photos, trip reports, and chronicles by the world’s foremost journalist, explorers, and photographers.
Backpacker Magazine
US based backpacking magazine that features in depth trip reports, gear reviews, contests, photos, and much more.
Climbing Magazine (http://www.climbing.com)
For almost four decades Climbing magazine has been the leading publication on rock climbing in the world and is written and edited by the leading authorities on climbing.
Falcon Guides
Extremely well detailed hiking and climbing guides presented by state, region, and national park with maps and trail details for the discerning hiker.
Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue: Reading Glaciers, Team Travel, Crevasse Rescue Techniques, Routefinding, Expedition Skills 2nd Edition by Andrew Selters
Guide for the beginning mountaineer wanting to learn about the sport or the expert looking to brush up on his/her knowledge and skills.
Lonely Planet Trekking, Hiking, and Walking Guides
Destinations include the Alps, the Andes, the Himalayas, and many other mountain ranges and places with extensive trail networks.
The National Outdoor Leadership School’s Wilderness Mountaineering Guide by Phil Powers.
Everything you need to know guide about mountaineering from leaving no footprints, surviving on your own, what to do in emergencies, what to wear, and how to navigate. An all in one survival guide.
NOLS’s Wilderness First Aid Book by Todd Schimelpfenig, Linda Lindsey, and Joan Safford
Comprehensive guide to diagnosing, treating, and transporting patients with 75 illustrations.
Rock and Ice Magazine (http://www.rockandice.com)
One of the best all around climbing magazines with loads of photos, features, interviews, tips, climb site reviews, first person adventures, gear reviews, and much more.
Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills by Craig Luebben
The 2004 National Outdoor Book Award Winner is a basic introduction to the sport of climbing with easy to read instructions, photos, and illustrations.
Rock Jocks, Wall Rats and Hang Dogs by John Long
Written by one of the key figures in California Rock Climbing and a rock star in the field. Long talks about Yosemite in the 70’s, the history of the sport, the changing climate of climbing and much more that is sure to delight everyone from the beginner to the expert.

Useful Websites

Away (http://www.away.com)
Outside Magazine’s online database includes a wide array of articles, top ten lists, and regional guides for outdoor sports designed specifically for the web. Highly graphic and written by experts.
Rock & Ice Magazine (http://www.rockandice.com)
Online home of a popular climbing magazine. Gear reviews, trip reports, features, forums, news, jobs, and much more.
Mountain Zone (http://www.mountainzone.com)
All around mountain sporting site with great details and topographical maps on specific peaks around the world.
Hiking Switzerland (http://www.switzerland-rando.ch)
Geared toward hiking and nature lovers of the Swiss Alps with regional information, hiking hotels, and links to clubs in several languages.
National Park Service (http://www.nps.gov)
Homepage of the US national park service with video features, trip planning, park stats, and news.
American Alpine Club (http://www.americanalpineclub.org)
Club for American climbers around the world. Membership fee.

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