Noon In Trinidad Photo by Bud Ellison via Flickr Creative Commons

Often when thinking of Cuba, the first thing that comes to mind is a Socialist government and guerilla warfare led by Fidel Castro and Ché Guevara. While Cuba’s complex history is clearly important, it is but one of the many faces that make up this fascinating country. With a rich culture characterized by brilliant music, art and dance, as well as a landscape which is breathtakingly beautiful, Cuba offers more than meets the eye.

From a plethora of important sites like Ernesto ‘Ché’ Guevara’s mausoleum to the many museums chronicling the country’s interesting past, there is no shortage of information about how modern-day Cuba came to be. Lovers of the outdoors will be happy with the myriad of adventure activities, while cultural buffs will find plenty to do in the cities. Cuba’s position in the Caribbean is also quite appealing and its neighbors, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic would be well worth a visit, as well.

Surprisingly, Cuban cuisine in the country is fairly average, often consisting of bland rice and bean dishes, but there are a range of other privately operated international restaurants that make the grade. There is also a variety of accommodations available from luxury resorts to budget guesthouses and, the increasingly popular, homestays.

Travel within Cuba is easy with domestic flights to various regions relatively well-priced. The bus system is a comfortable and efficient way to navigate the country, while the train network is not as extensive or as reliable. Taxis are a great way to get around cities, but can become rather expensive when going long distances. The local rental car agencies have some good vehicles, but administration can be a hassle.


  • Walk along the beautiful Malecon esplanade in Havana
  • Go horse-riding through tobacco fields in Pinar del Rio
  • Get a history lesson at the mausoleum of socialist revolutionary Ché Guevara
  • Tour one of the largest Cuban cigar factories in the country
  • Visiting the gallery of contemporary pop artist, Raúl Martínez
  • Experience a night out at one of Havana’s famous salsa clubs

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