Known globally as “Africa in miniature,” Cameroon defies its small stature by offering visitors the complete package. Cameroon showcases quite elegantly what the entire continent actually has to offer: a home for several diverse ethnic cultures, a wide range of foods, activities for all tastes, handmade crafts and warm and welcoming people.

Cameroon has a plethora of sights which can be easily reached by either bus or local moto. Many of the attractions like the Museum of Cameroonian Art and Fon’s Palace focus heavily on the country’s rich heritage or the breathtaking natural wonders like the Waterfalls of Lobe. Travelers who enjoy the outdoors will be pleased to know that Cameroon has a wealth of adventure activities from mountain climbing and hiking to game safaris, there are plenty of opportunities to get the blood pumping.

From the hustle and bustle of big cities like Douala and Yaoundé to the serenity of Cameroon’s national parks, there is something for everyone. Cameroon also borders Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Chad and The Central African Republic, any of which would make interesting daytrips.

Accommodations in Cameroon range from five star luxury hotels and swanky guesthouses to discount hostels so there is something for every taste and budget. Local cuisine is some of the most delicious in Africa, from hearty meat stews and maize to the freshest seafood on the coast. While there are several international options available, regional dishes are by far the cheapest and most appetizing.

Traveling through the country is relatively easy by bus, train or air. The bus system is quite comfortable, but can be a bit unreliable. The train is by far the most efficient mode of navigating the country. Domestic flights are quick and cheap and the best way to go, especially for travelers who only have a short time in the country.


  • Take in local culture at the Museum of Cameroonian Art
  • Swim in the gentle rapids of the Waterfalls of Lobe
  • Learn about ancient Cameroonian dynasties at Fon’s Palace
  • Climb to the summit of Mount Cameroon
  • Go rock climbing in Maroua
  • Observe indigenous flora and fauna in Lobeke National Park

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