Cameroon’s weather changes quite dramatically from region to region. The south is characterized by heavy rainfall, the north is generally hot and dry, and the coast sees a semi-tropical climate. Temperatures inland are generally much cooler than those on the shore with nighttime mountainous regions becoming particularly chilly.

From November to February, summer in the south is quite humid with temperatures reaching highs up to 95°F. The hottest months are between March and May during which time the mercury can reach a sweltering 104°F with dry air.

Northern Cameroon’s rainy season is usually between May and September, while the south experiences heavy showers throughout the year which become particularly aggressive from March through October.

Best Time to Visit Cameroon

The best time to visit Cameroon is between November and February. During this period the weather is dry across the board, making overland travel far more bearable and the temperatures have not reached their peaks yet. This is however, quite a popular time for travelers so it may be best to book trips on the shoulder season for better prices and potential discounts.

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