Visas are required by all visitors to enter Cameroon. Tourist visas must be be obtained in your home country prior to arrival for a period of three to six months at varying prices. The only travelers who can receive a visa upon arrival are those coming from places in which there is no diplomatic mission.

Health and Safety

It is wise to take out travel insurance before arriving because medical facilities in Cameroon are not readily available or of a high standard. Travelers who have specialized conditions should bring a sufficient supply of their medication with because, in all likelihood, it will not be readily available.

All travelers are required to get a yellow fever vaccination and proof may be requested upon entry so it is a good idea to keep your certificate somewhere accessible. It is also recommended that the following immunizations be received before departing: hepatitis A and B, cholera, diphtheria and meningitis. It is also advised that you bring a supply of Malaria medication, especially if planning a trip to rural areas.

Cameroon sees the regular tourism-related petty crimes such as pick pocketing and muggings. Travelers should, however, be aware that these crimes are known to escalate into rather violent attacks. Armed robbery is becoming far more prevalent and travelers should take the necessary precautions to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Stay away from taxis at night or walking in large groups if possible.

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