Cameroon Taxis and Car Rental

Shared taxis in Cameroon are the cheapest and the fastest to get around cities. That said, they are not always the safest mode of transportation. This is largely because most do not adhere to the rules of the road, making some passengers the victim of road range and random acts of violence. None of the taxis are metered, but rates for inner city journeys are usually fixed. Longer trips need to be negotiated ahead of time.

Most of the major car rental companies are available at the international airports in Douala and Yaoundé. Vehicles can be obtained from Avis, Hertz and Budget, but this can be very expensive. The quality of the roads between large centers like Douala, Yaoundé, Buéa, Bamenda and Bafoussam is well maintained, but the same cannot be said to more remote areas which generally are not paved and are difficult to navigate during the rainy season.

Cameroon Domestic Flights

Domestic flights are possible with the national carrier Camair-Co, as well as the smaller Elysian Airlines. Domestic air travel in Cameroon is efficient and reasonably priced. Most routes are between the large cities of Douala, Garoua, Yaoundé and Maroua.

Cameroon Trains and Buses

Traveling by train is a reliable way of navigating the country and is a tad faster than the bus system. The main service provider is Cameroon Railways (CAMRAIL) which operates the Gazele du Nord line between Yaoundé to Ngaoundéré. Tickets can either be first or second class with both offering couchette sleeping arrangements for overnight travel.

Buses in the country are quite comfortable and modern with some longer distance coaches even providing air-conditioning (a rarity). Main routes travel between all major cities in Cameroon. Outside of these popular stops, travelers will have to settle for shared taxis or mini buses which are not as comfortable or convenient. Minivans and bush taxis have no set schedule and leave whenever the vehicle is full. Even official bus companies rarely leave on time so be prepared for several days worth of delays.

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