Being a country which has come to represent everything quintessentially African, Cameroon offers travelers a range of things to do that engage the mystical continent. Many of these activities are outdoors, but this is purely because Cameroon has such an abundance of natural beauty and a varied and interesting terrain. Whether its mountain climbing, hiking the forests or going on an exciting wildlife safari, Cameroon will not disappoint adventure-seekers.

A must for mountaineers is hiking Mount Cameroon. With a summit resting at 13 000 feet, it is the highest peak in West Africa and the continent’s tallest active volcano. With so many superlatives under its belt, it’s no wonder that the mountain alone is one of the many reasons come to Cameroon in the first place. The quaint town at the base, Bueau, is also a great place to park for a couple of days before or after the trek. Excursions to the top or daytrips can be booked through the Mount Cameroon Inter-communal Ecotourism Board.

Staying within the same mountainous vein, another great activity is rock climbing in Mindif. This national park is just to the south of Maroua, a town in northern Cameroon. The famous mountain known as Le Dent de Mindif may be small in stature, but climbers from all over the world aspire to take on the odd tooth-shaped rock formation. The environmentally conscious Berudep organizes several eco tours which include hiking, trekking and rock climbing excursions.

A draw for many to the African continent is the opportunity to embark on a game safari in Lobéké National Park. Go wildlife-watching for all kinds of fauna including the western lowland gorillas, majestic elephants, forest hogs, antelope and several species of indigenous birds. As an added bonus, visitors can stay the night in the park, setting up camp in a watchtower in order to get a perfect view of the nocturnal creatures in their natural habitat. Tours can be arranged through Cameroon Safari Agency.

Another national park worth exploring is the Korup National Park in the southwest of Cameroon is the oldest rainforest in Africa. It is also the continent’s most biologically diverse biome, home to several different species of birds, trees, primates and a whole host of native flora. With its well-marked pathways, rope bridges and waist-high pools, the park is a great place to experience Cameroonian nature at its best. While some of the park can be navigated independently, guided tours can also be arranged with several operators including the reliable Global Bush Travel and Tourism.

While driving through the Central Highlands doesn’t necessarily scream excitement, it certainly is one of the most beautiful. The winding road from Nkongsamba to Douala is dotted with luscious green valleys, billowing waterfalls and quaint villages which make for interesting rest stops and a scenic road trip.

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