The restaurant industry in Cameroon is well established with eateries serving up food from all around the world. International fare is far pricier than Cameroonian staples which include hearty stews, mielie meal (a maize porridge) and rich seafood dishes found on the coasts.

Cameroon Bars and Pubbing

Most of Cameroon’s nightlife is centered in the larger cities of Douala and Yaoundé. In both regions, travelers will find a good selection of bars, nightclubs and casinos. Bars generally stay open until the wee hours of the morning or as long as there are customers walking through the doors.

Clubs in these areas cater to a variety of music tastes playing everything from reggae to pop. Most are restaurants by day and music venues by night. Travelers looked for great live bands in Cameroon should pay a visit to Le Senat (Akwa, Douala), which hosts jazz acts on most evenings of the week.

One good thing about the country’s British heritage is the large number of quality pubs which remain. Travelers in search of an old fashioned pint need look no further than Le Paradise (Tokoto Street, Bonapriso, Douala) a traditional English pub frequented by expatriates and avid sports fans. Globus (Carrefour Nlongkak Djoungolo, Yaoundé), set on a raised platform, is perfect for a good view and vantage point of the city.

Cameroon Dining and Cuisine

As with the nightlife, Douala and Yaoundé have the best restaurants and the widest variety of cuisines in Cameroon. Local fare is delicious, but those in search of international favorites will find everything from Western to Asian and African dishes. Cameroonian food is by far the cheapest. For the best seafood, head to the coast where some for the freshest shellfish can be found.

Being vegetarian in Cameroon can be quite tricky as meat plays a central role in the dining experience. Some establishments can accommodate with plain starches like potatoes, yam, plantains or savory rice and couscous dishes, but most popular dishes are hearty stews.

For traditional Cameroonian fare try La Terrasse (Place de l’independance, Centre Ville, Yaoundé) which has a relaxed atmosphere and live music on certain nights. For more upscale fine dining, a trip to La Forêt Dense (Rue Joseph Mballa, Eloumden Bastos, Yaoundé) makes for a special night out with regional favorites.

The best international food in Cameroon can be found at Snack Time (Carrefour Bastos, Yaoundé) which has everything from American staples to Lebanese and Italian specialties and a wide range of meat-less dishes. Calafatas Bakery (Rue Nachtigal, Centre Ville, Yaoundé) is the perfect places for a sweet treat and is so popular that most of the best pastries have disappeared by lunchtime.

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