Douala International Airport

Douala International Airport is the busiest airport in Cameroon, receiving over 500,000 passengers a year. Most of the traffic comes from surrounding countries including Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Gabon. There are a few international flights from Europe, mostly from Belgium. Those travelers coming from the United States would need to connect somewhere in Africa.

The airport has basic passenger facilities including several banks, a post office, currency exchange, duty free shops, restaurants and cafes, gift shops, car rental and ATMs. Douala International is located six miles from the city. Taxis wait at the arrivals terminal to take you downtown.

Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport

Yaoundé Nsimalen International is located in the Cameroon’s capital and is the second busiest airport in the country seeing only 200,000 passenger annually. Most of the thoroughfare comes from the surrounding countries of Kenya, The Central African Republic and Benin. As with Douala International, Yaoundé does not have many flights from the Americas so travelers should connect in France or Belgium.

Services at the airport include restaurants and bars, VIP lounges, news stands, duty free, a pharmacy, car rental agencies, currency exchange and many banks. Taxis are available to take visitors on the 20-minute journey to Yaoundé city center which is located just 15 miles away.

Garoua International Airport

Garoua International in the northern part of Cameroon is a much smaller airport which sees minimal traffic and mostly domestic flights. Not even open 24 hours a day, the gateway has a few passenger facilities including a cafeteria, gift shop, post office and a few banks.

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