Shopping in Douala and Yaoundé is an interesting and colorful experience. There is certainly no shortage of shopping outlets, especially in Douala which has a plethora of open air markets from which those prized souvenirs can be purchased.

Cameroonian handicrafts include everything from traditionally decorated pots, hand woven textiles, wood carvings, masks, pottery, grass mats and ornate sculptures. Most of these can be purchased at craft markets, or marche artisanales, dotted around major cities. Anywhere else in the world such patterns would cost a fortune, but with some good bargaining skills, travelers can negotiate a reasonable price.

Tourists should also keep a look out for stalls which specialize in antique goods. While handicrafts are beautiful, they are plentiful making the antique stores the prime spots for getting a true Cameroonian original.

Marche de Fleur

The Marche de Fleur is by far the best place to shop in all of Douala. Located in the popular Bonapriso quarter, this arena houses everything from traditional handicrafts and handmade souvenirs to silver jewelry and art from local painters. As in most markets, bargaining is the norm, but remember to be polite and realistic about the price you’re asking for.

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