Style, elegance, passion; there is only one place on earth that oozes all three – Argentina. It’s Latin America’s largest Spanish-speaking country and covers more than one million square miles of jaw-dropping beauty. Nothing can prepare you for the sheer magnitude of Argentina’s colossal landscape, incredible ecotourism, grandeur of its cities, or the vibrant, sensuous people. In this vast land the possibilities for adventure seem too good to be true: the tropical Iguazu Falls of the north, the culture of bustling Buenos Aires, the ski resorts of the Andes, and the indescribable beauty of Patagonia are all worthy attractions in their own right. Argentina, with typical style and modesty, offers them all in one epic destination. There really never has been a better time to visit.

There is an endless list of possibilities for staying busy: cultural tours, wine-tasting, tango lessons, dining, nightlife - and that’s just in Buenos Aries. How about skiing, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, or boating in Mendoza? The country has some of the most spectacular nature reserves and national parks unlike anywhere else in South America; Patagonia, the Ibera Wetlands, the Valdes Peninsula, and the Iguazu Falls are all stunning and unique places to visit. The country is a potential gold mine for day trips, excursions, and sightseeing. Whether it’s an open-air bus tour of Buenos Aries, a journey into the Patagonia wilderness or a boozy meander through the nation’s fabulous wine region, Argentina will seduce you. Wherever you go, you’ll stumble across see some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife: whales, orca, penguins, wolves, antelope, eagles, and condor.

The wide range of accommodations available in Argentina means that every budget and taste is catered to. If comfort is your main concern then the thriving international hotel industry will surely have something to suit. There are also estancias or fincas (ranches) which provide luxury combined with the opportunity to experience rural life in all its splendor. For the more budget conscious, there are hostels and campsites with varying levels of comfort from basic to sophisticated. Hospedajes and residenciales are also cheap options. Self-serve cabañas are often found in resort towns, as well as bungalows which are popular on the coasts and hillsides of Patagonia.

Argentina also has a growing reputation for having some of the best spas in the world. You can expect top-notch service for a fraction of what you would pay back home. Lay back and enjoy the pampering as you look out over the glaciers of Patagonia or experience one of the many wine spas in the Mendoza countryside, such as Patios de Cafayate in the Calchaquí Valley. Here, they use mysterious indigenous recipes to blend local herbs with the grapevines to create unique treatments.

Don’t let the vastness of Argentina put you off land travel. The immense size of the country makes flying the most convenient option, and there are a number of domestic airlines serving the region. Be prepared to be routed through Buenos Aires though, which can cause some inconvenience and extra cost. Alternatively, the country has a sophisticated bus system and train network.


  • Take a sightseeing tour around Buenos Aries
  • Learn to tango from the masters
  • Go skiing in the awesome Andes
  • Gaze at the majestic Iguazu Falls
  • Get a close-up look at the Perito Moreno glacier
  • Go hiking and trekking in the vastness of Patagonia
  • Take a mouth-watering wine tour of Mendoza’s vineyards

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