Photo Credit: Oleg Brovko

Tajikistan’s natural beauty provides an inspiring backdrop for outdoor adventure, one of the main draws of this remote nation. The Pamirs, often described as ‘the roof of the world’, are a magnet for hikers and mountain climbers, as are the stunning Fan Mountains. At the other end of the scale, the hot springs dotted across Tajikistan provide an ideal opportunity for rest and relaxation.

There is nothing quite like taking in the scenery, history, and culture from the back of a camel or horse. There are plenty of outdoor-focused tour operators in Tajikistan, many of which are able to offer packages that include transport, accommodations, activities, and even meals.

The rugged and untouched beauty of Tajikistan can be best appreciated when hiking. The Pamir Mountains, particularly Somoni, Lenin and Korzhenevskaya (three of the highest mountains in the Pamir range), are popular with hikers and mountaineers. The town of Murghab, located at the eastern end of the Pamir Highway, is a good base for hikers. Pamir Guides offer full hiking packages, including transport, home stays, and guided hiking. Alternatively, daytrips and multiday hikes along the Murghab River and in the surrounding mountains and valleys can be organized through META (Murghab Eco Tourism Association).

Pamir Silk Tour is just one operator offering cycling tours through the breathtaking Tajikistan countryside - a great way to appreciate the fresh air and scenery of the country. Similarly, LCC Pamir Travel offers cycling excursions through the Fan Mountains, where guides provide an in-depth commentary on local flora, flora, and ancient Tajikistan history and culture.

The many mountains of Tajikistan are ideal for mountaineering. The Pamir Mountains are popular with climbers, as are the beautiful Fan Mountains, which offer a good variety of ice climbs at different levels of difficulty. Tour operators such as Durakhshi Sughd offer package tours to the Fan Mountains that include transport, home-stay accommodations, and guided mountaineering. The months between June and September are best for mountaineering in Tajikistan.

Taking a camel riding tour of Tajikistan is a good way to combine adventure and history. Pamir Highway Adventure offers camel riding excursions to the summer pastures of the Pamir high plateaus. Visitors are able to see yurt-dwelling shepherds, yaks, and mountain sheep, and gain an insight into the semi-nomadic farming lifestyle of the local people.

Tajikistan people have always been great horsemen, and horseback riding tours offer another way to see Tajikistan. Durakhshi Sughd conducts tours on horseback along the Great Silk Road, visiting caves and giving an insight into the history of this fascinating place. Orient Adventure also offers package tours that include horseback riding.

There is nothing quite like relaxing in a hot spring to promote a sense of well-being. Tajikistan is blessed with several hot springs, which can be accessed with the help of tour operators such as Orient Adventure, which offers trips to the Pamirs and the hot spring of Bibi Fatima. Pamir Travel offers a range of daytrips from city centers across Tajikistan that include visits to the waterfall and hot springs at Guzgarf. Alternatively, visitors to Ishkashim district can travel to the Shirgin Medicinal Hot Spring, located just outside Langar.

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