Photo Credit: Mark Kao

Taiwan has a tropical marine climate. The rainy season lasts from January to March, followed by spring from April to June – some areas experience extended rain, known as the ‘plum rains’, in May. The humid hot season stretches from June to September. The winter season from October to December can get quite cool, with temperatures as low as 46°F.

There is a difference between the southern and Northern areas of Taiwan, with temperatures averaging 86°F in the southern lowlands between June and September compared with 81°F in the north. The year round average is 75°F in the south and 72°F for the north.

The geography of Taiwan means that the weather can be very changeable, particularly in the mountains. Typhoons (tropical cyclones) are common between July and September. Visitors, particularly those planning to undertake outdoor activities should check weather forecasts ahead of time and come prepared for a variety of likely weather conditions.

Best Time to Visit Taiwan

The June to October Summer period is Taiwan’s busiest season for tourists and the best time for those who are visiting Taiwan for the reefs and beaches to visit. Inland the mountains are warm and not too rainy and the orange flowers of the montbretia are blossoming in places like Alishan. However, summer is also the hottest season and the time when accommodation and travel prices are highest.

Those visiting in the shoulder season of spring get a chance to see the famous cherry blossoms and enjoy the year round activities like eating and shopping but with less heat and crowds. Fall is another lovely time to visit Taiwan, despite the potential for typhoons, because many tourists have gone home, so prices go down and the weather is mild and good for land based outdoor activities like hiking. It is often said that the worst time to visit Taiwan is during the holiday season of January and February because accommodation is hard to find and many attractions and businesses will be closed for the frequent public holidays.

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