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Slovak Republic Taxis and Car Rental

Slovak Republic taxis are not metered, but they are cheap and readily available. Fares increase after dark. Bratislava visitors should use taxis from Hello Taxi (+421 0800 116 321), Fun Taxi (+421 02 5477 7377), or any of the capital’s 20 other official taxi firms instead of one of the more than 150 independent taxis which have yellow taxi lights on their roofs. Most company-owned taxis, which are safer and cheaper than independent taxis, have their firm’s name clearly displayed on the sides of their vehicles.

Visitors can easily obtain and drive rented vehicles throughout the Slovak Republic. Vehicles drive on the right and must always keep their lights on between October 15 and March 15. Emergency telephones are placed about once every half a mile on major Slovak highways, whose quality is generally as good as those elsewhere in Europe. Poorly lit rural roads, winter snow and ice, and speeding traffic are the biggest driving challenges here.

Slovak Republic Water Taxis

Bratislava is the Slovak Republic’s major port, and the Danube River is the country’s main waterway. Ferry and cruise ship service is available between Bratislava and the cities of Budapest, Vienna, and Hainburg.

Slovak Republic Trains and Buses

InterRail passes allow Rail Europe passengers to travel freely between the Slovak Republic and several other European countries. The Railways of the Slovak Republic lines between Bratislava and most other major Slovak Republic destinations are usually the fastest and cheapest way to travel between cities. Advance reservations are recommended for the busiest routes.

Slovak Lines buses regularly depart Bratislava for destinations across the Slovak Republic, while Eurolines is the main bus line linking the country with the rest of Europe. Bus travel between Bratislava and Prague is usually slower, but cheaper, than rail travel for passengers who make advance ticket purchases. Buses also travel to many places which cannot be reached by train.

Bratislava and other major Slovak Republic cities have their own reliable public transportation network of buses, trams, and trolleys. Slovak Republic inner-city public transportation networks use flat fare systems and allow passengers to use pre-purchased passes. Changing routes usually requires purchasing separate tickets. Bus and tram stops sporting blue badges operate throughout the night. Slovak Republic buses are usually punctual and clean.

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