Photo Credit: Jean-Marie Prival

Citizens of numerous countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and almost all other Western nations do not require a visa to stay in Azores for up to one month. Passports must be valid for at least six months upon arrival. Travelers from other countries should check visa requirements at:

Health and Safety

Very little crime is reported in the Azores; however, the usual precautions are worth keeping in mind. There are few signs of poverty around the islands and locals are extremely friendly. Attacks against tourists are almost unheard of, but visitors are nevertheless advised to keep an eye on belongings, especially in large crowds and to leave valuables such as passports and large amounts of money in a hotel safe.

Tap water and local food are both fine for consumption. It is a good idea to buy travel insurance before visiting the Azores as medical facilities are not comprehensive. Hospitals, located in Terceira and Faial, are equivalent to those found in mainland Portugal. Vaccinations are not necessary although a hepatitis A shot may be useful if you plan to eat shellfish, which could pose a potential danger. If medication is required, pharmacies can found in most cities, towns, and villages, and usually keep regular hours.

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