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Poland’s major cities are filled with an amazing array of shopping malls, department stores, and markets, but compared to other European nations, Poland’s shopping culture is quite subdued. The weekly markets are the main highlight when it comes to shopping, but they are not ubiquitous. Prices in the large malls are quite expensive compared to the markets, and locally-made goods are much more affordable than designer labels.


Many of the larger shopping malls in Poland are located within the Centrum area of the capital. Places like Galeria Centrum, Arkadia, and Zlote Tarasy are huge retail centers with a range of interesting stores, some local designers and others internationally renowned brands. However, it isn’t just the shopping malls that host fantastic experiences for shopaholics. Streets like ul. Mokotowska, ul. Zurawia, and ul. Hoza are also major shopping strips downtown.


Like Warsaw, Krakow is home to several large shopping malls that are equipped with restaurants, retail stores and a range of other facilities. Galeria Krakowska, and Galeria Kazimierz are the two largest centers. In the middle of the city, the famous Sukiennice is a cloth hall that has been trading the same kind of products for hundreds of years. In addition, the central area’s Rynek Glowny is a Polish market with a range of stalls and shops. Of course, the Old Town plays host to dozens of antique and local designer stores.


Except for periods of extreme cold, Poznan boasts year-round markets. Some of these are specifically for meats, while others sell produce like fruit and vegetables. The bustling areas of Bernardynski Square, Jezycki Market and Wildecki Market are quite popular. There are also a range of shopping malls inside Poznan’s city center. Galeria Malta is the largest and busiest in the city, while Franowo Shopping Center and Stary Browar are among the more upscale retail areas.


Some of the more visited malls in Lublin include Galeria Olimp which has more than 130 stores, and Plaza Center, containing over 100 shops. In addition to shopping malls, Lublin boasts a plethora of stores in its Old Town area.


Gdansk is the amber capital of Europe, as is historically renowned for its great number of amber resources to be made into jewelry. Products with insect fossils inside are more expensive than clear ones.

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