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Almost one third of Suriname has been officially declared national parks and reserves. It is no surprise then that many of the activities on offer to travelers are of the outdoor kind. Adventure seekers will be extremely pleased with the number of excursions there are to get the blood pumping. From interacting with the country’s crocodiles to embarking on a wildlife sightseeing mission, there are certainly enough activities to keep travelers on their toes.

There are, however, also many activities which are much tamer and tend to focus on Suriname’s local cultures rather than its natural environment. Some travelers may be interested in meeting local people while other may want to experience shopping in local markets. Regardless of what travelers are interested in, one thing is for sure – there is absolutely no chance of getting bored.

Most of Suriname’s national parks are home to a wide range of animals which makes for great opportunities to__ observe wildlife__ first hand. Both Brownsberg Nature Park and Voltzberg Nature Park are the best places for such activities. Here, travelers will get to witness such majestic animals as wild cats, various primates and even smaller creatures like tarantulas and termites, in their natural habitats. Many local companies arrange guided tours of such parks including the reliable Oxygen Eco Tours.

If majestic creatures are not your cup of tea and you’re looking for something more exciting, why not take up the opportunity to interact with crocodiles. Well, it’s less of an interaction and more of sailing by in a protected boat while they hunt for dinner. There are many swamps in Suriname, especially on the country’s coastal plain, in which these scaly creatures live and hunt. There are many other reptiles to be observed as well, including boa constrictors and anacondas. It is not advisable to do such a trip independently but to rather enlist the help of a company like Tropical gem tours.

Something a little tamer, and certainly safer, is to go swimming at Colakreek. Popular with locals and tourists alike, this is a recreational area comprised of several rivers and creeks that are simply perfect for swimming in. The creeks are only 32 miles outside of Paramaribo which means the trip can be easily done in one day. Many companies have Colakreek as a rest stop on a larger itinerary. One such company is the reliable Suriname Holidays.

When travelers aren’t dipping into the country’s fine waters, they can always cruise on the Suriname River. One of the most beautiful bodies of water in the region, the river runs from the northern part of the country all the way to the center. Many tour companies organize great boat trips and cruises along the river, with one of the most famous trips exploring the Kumalu Island region. One company that specializes in such boat excursions is Bosrokoeman.

Shifting gear away from the outdoors and towards the country’s interesting culture, a great opportunity for many travelers to the county is a visit with local people at Palumeu. Located right near the Tapanahoni River, the village of Palumeu is a peaceful location inhabited by the indigenous Amerindian people. Through tour companies like Dagron Tours travelers have the chance to experience traditional Surinamese life through living in authentic Amerindian villages and dining on Amerindian cuisine. This kind of excursion is perfect for any person interested in experiencing local cultures first hand.

Another great way of interacting with local cultures is to go shopping at local markets. One of the best markets in the country is Central Market in Paramaribo. A collection of indoor stalls, Central Market is popular with both local people and with travelers just passing through. Here, every imaginable product is to be found and patrons can make some great finds. More than a chance to shop, though, the market provides travelers with a special window into the daily lives of many Surinamese people.

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