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Suriname is not exactly a shopping mecca but there are a few items which are worth purchasing. Many markets sell items which would make great souvenirs and mementos to take back home. Such items include handicrafts like hand carved crockery, traditional weapons like bows and arrows, gold and silver jewelry and Javanese bamboo and batik items. There are also many perfumeries in the larger cities that offer a customized perfume service.

There are a few areas in Suriname which are particularly well-known for their shopping potential. Most of these areas are, unsurprisingly, located in the capital city Paramaribo. These areas include Steenbakkerijstraat and Domineestraat, where travelers can find the best knock-off clothing and name brands along with very useful knickknacks that may come in handy for traveling.

Central Market is also very popular with both locals and tourists. The market is less of a store and more of a collection of stalls selling everything under the sun. Central Market is the biggest indoor market in the Caribbean and certainly worth a visit. Whether patrons are looking for fruits and vegetables or cigarettes and domesticated animals, they are sure to find what they are in search of.

For travelers who are looking for something a little more refined, there are a few shopping malls which have recently been established in Suriname. Maretraite Mall in Paramaribo is open daily including on weekends and holidays. Here travelers will find everything from designer clothing stores to big food courts. Most travelers go to the malls just to enjoy the air conditioning and get a reprieve from the high temperatures and humidity.

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