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Although United States citizens do not need passports to visit the US Virgin Islands, those with passports should bring them nonetheless as they will need passports to travel to other Caribbean islands or return home through other countries. British citizens require both passports and visas to travel to the US Virgin Islands unless their passports indicate they are permanent British Virgin Islands residents. Citizens of most other nations require both visas and passports to enter the British Virgin Islands. Further visa and passport requirements are posted at

Health and Safety

Charlotte Amalie and the rest of St Thomas have the highest crime rate in the US Virgin Islands, mainly due to drug-related issues. Tourists traveling around Charlotte Amalie at night should take taxis just to be on the safe side. Thieves stealing unattended wallets and valuables from unlocked cars at Salt Pond Bay and other secluded beaches are St John’s biggest crime problem. Women traveling alone may experience unwanted advances from men in some Charlotte Amalie, Christiansted, and Frederiksted bars.

Muggings and other random crimes against tourists have increased along the back streets of Charlotte Amalie, Frederiksted, and Christiansted. Avoiding back streets, taking taxis after dark, locking vehicles, and not leaving valuables unattended are the best ways for visitors to avoid becoming victims. Dengue fever and hepatitis A are the biggest health threats in the US Virgin Islands. Although the water in most major communities is usually safe to drink, visitors should drink only bottled water in rural areas. Advance travel insurance is strongly recommended as US Virgin Islands medical care, although excellent, can be costly.

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