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English may be the US Virgin Islands official language, but over a quarter of the islands’ population speaks other languages. Spanish, spoken by nearly 17 percent of the US Virgin Islands population, is the most commonly heard language other than English. Many immigrants from French speaking Caribbean islands also speak French Creole.


The United States dollar, not surprisingly, is the official US Virgin Islands currency. For the most part, United States residents can withdraw funds from ATMs, spend their dollars, and use their major credit cards just as freely in the US Virgin Islands as they would back home. However, some smaller hotels and shops accept only cash payments. Travelers’ checks in United States dollars are also commonly accepted in most establishments. Currency exchanges are easy to find for visitors from countries outside the United States, whose currencies aren’t as commonly accepted as the United States dollar.


The Atlantic Time Zone containing the US Virgin Islands is usually an hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time and four hours behind GMT (GMT -4). However, it is the same time in the Virgin Islands and the eastern United States during Daylight Savings Time, which the US Virgin Islands does not observe.


The US Virgin Islands use the same 110-120V electricity settings and Type B plug sockets as the United States and most other parts of North America. Visitors from other parts of the world who need download converters should bring their own as they are hard to find on the islands.


The US Virgin Islands dialing code is +1, while the area code is 340. Cell phone reception can easily be found throughout the islands, whose main telecom network is AT & T Wireless GSM. Internet access is also widely available in the US Virgin Islands, and most major resorts contain Internet cafés.


No other Caribbean island boasts higher duty-free allowances than the US Virgin Islands. All United States citizens can bring back up to US$1,600 worth of merchandise, while those 21 years or older can also bring back up to 1,000 individual cigarettes or five cigarette cartons or 100 non-Cuban cigars. An additional liter of liquor produced in the US Virgin Islands can be added to the regular liquor limit of four liters for United States visitors over 21.

Tourist Office

US Virgin Islands Tourism: +1-800-372-USVI or

Consulates in US Virgin Islands

Austrian Consulate, Charlotte Amalie: +1-340-774-1100 Danish Consulate, Charlotte Amalie: +1-340-776-0656 French Consulate, Charlotte Amalie: +1-340-776-1140 Consulate of the Philippines, Charlotte Amalie: +1-340-776-3389 Saint Kitts and Nevis Consulate, Charlotte Amalie: +1-340-690-7423 Swedish Consulate, Charlotte Amalie: +1-340-774-6845


Emergency services: 911

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