Grand Cayman Photo by Michael Hicks via Flickr Creative Commons

Weather on the Cayman Islands is typically tropical. The wetter of the two main seasons starts in May and lasts until November, which covers the Caribbean hurricane season between June and November. Most tourists opt to arrive in the dry season from December through April.

Average dry season temperatures peak at nearly 83°F and rarely plunge beneath 75°F. Wet season sees climates slightly hotter, but not by much. Northeast trade winds greatly help in decreasing the higher humidity which occurs during the Cayman Islands wet season.

Although hurricanes are not unheard of on the Cayman Islands, they rarely cause severe damage thanks to their westerly location far from most hurricane paths. Heavy rainfall is the most severe weather experienced in the Cayman Islands during hurricane, or any season.

Best Time to Visit the Cayman Islands

The peak tourist season with the best climate in the Cayman Islands lasts from the middle of December to the middle of April, when hotel and airfare costs are at their highest. Although temperatures on the islands are slightly lower during this drier period, weather in the tropical marine climate is still far warmer than the colder North American winters many tourists try to escape during these months.

Visiting the Cayman Islands during low season, from May to November, also has its benefits. Airfare and hotel costs decline somewhat during these slower months. Humidity and risk of hurricanes may be increased, but the humidity is frequently cooled by northeast trade winds. The extreme westerly location of the Cayman Islands protects it from most severe hurricane damage and the islands usually receive nothing but heavy rainfall during the most serious tropical storms.

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