Preparing a measles vaccine in Ethiopia by DFID - UK Department for International Development via Flickr Creative Commons

Most tourists can enter the country without obtaining a visa in advance. United States of America travelers are able to obtain a visa upon arrival. However, tourists also need to prove they possess sufficient funds and provide an onward or return ticket before being granted access to the Solomon Islands. Visit for further information.

Health and Safety

The Solomon Islands has quite a high crime rate. When walking at night, tourists need to be careful and always use common sense. Stay in larger groups, even in the day time. Some of the main tourist areas are renowned spots for muggings. Tourists are always easy prey for petty theft in Solomon Islands.

The islands are located within the equatorial tropics. As a result, malaria is quite a common illness. Tourists are advised to take anti-malaria medication while traveling throughout the Solomon Islands. It is a good idea to continue taking anti-malaria medication for several days after the holiday ends, as the disease can incubate in one’s body for a while after it has been caught.

Tourists need to take care when traveling in Solomon Islands as the country remains relatively hot throughout the year. Visitors need to drink plenty of water to stop them from dehydrating.

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