IMG_3198 Halavo villager by Jenny Scott via Flickr Creative Commons

Solomon Islands Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are ubiquitous in the capital city of the Solomon Islands. Honiara is not an overly large urban area, but taxis are still the best way to get around. Outside of the capital city, taxis are found, but the island of Guadalcanal is certainly where most of the taxi services take place. Taxis can be hailed from the street, but it is much more convenient and safer to arrange taxi services from a hotel. There is only one taxi company operating in the capital. Honiara Airport Taxi (+677-36-563) travels across the capital, primarily from the airport.

The only place visitors can find car rental in the Solomon Islands is at Honiara. The airport provides several car hire services, so tourists can find a vehicle to suit their needs after arriving into the country. The roads around the Solomon Islands aren’t in great condition, so motorists need to be extra careful, especially at night. Tourists can use international driver’s licenses, and sometimes even national licenses to rent a car.

Solomon Islands Water Taxis

There are several ports of entry into the archipelago when entering by boat. Honiara, Gizo, Korovou, and Tulagi Island are some of the main ports. Inter-island ferries are available. Most can be found from Honiara’s wharf area. The MV Pelican Express is a reliable ferry service between Honiara and the Western Province, not to mention Malaita. Between Munda and Gizo of Western Province, Go West Tours provides connections. Traveling around by boat is significantly less expensive than touring via air.

Solomon Islands Trains and Buses

There is a very limited bus network on the archipelago of the Solomon Islands. Only the capital city has something that resembles a public bus network. This system operates minibuses throughout the capital. There is a flat fare rate for all passengers. However, outside of Honiara, minibuses transform into trucks which provide seating for passengers. Some areas even have trailer transportation.

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