IMG_2914 Heritage Park Hotel, Honiara by Jenny Scott via Flickr Creative Commons

The Solomon Islands is a fantastic holiday destination, famous for its pristine natural environment. Many of the most impressive activities available for tourists link back to Mother Nature’s fine handiwork. Scuba diving is a major tourist-puller for the Solomon Islands. The beauty of the country’s underwater environment is now open for all to see.

Don’t forget, like other island nations across the Pacific, there is more to the Solomon Islands than just the coral reefs and crystal clear water. The archipelago’s many islands are blanketed with a rugged, mountainous, rainforest landscape. Hiking the beauty of these islands is certainly recommended. Of course, whatever tourists decide to do, it is important that visitors give themselves plenty of time to embrace the beauty of the Solomons.

Diving has become a major market for the tourism industry of the Solomon Islands. Destinations like Marovo Lagoon are packed with brilliant diving spots. Even though some of the archipelago’s best diving sites were destroyed following the 2007 tsunami, Solomon Islands still boasts plenty of scuba and snorkeling spots. Reliable tour companies that offer scuba diving packages in the Solomon Islands include Bilikiki and Dive Adventures.

With so many magnificent islands spanning the archipelago, beaches are very easy to find. From the main islands of Guadalcanal, Malaita, and Gizo, to the smaller islands scattered across the country, there are so many golden strips of sand to laze upon. For an organized beach tour of the country, contact Go Tours.

The Solomon Islands is not just a beach paradise. There are fantastic hiking opportunities to enjoy too. One of the best spots to spend a few days on a hiking tour is the island of Gizo. Here, the Kolombangara volcanic mountain is the main attraction. Bushwalking near Marovo Lagoon is another great opportunity for hikers. Adventure World can arrange hiking tours for travelers.

Between October and April, surfing is a fantastic activity upon some of the islands. Gizo’s southern point is home to some wonderful breaks. However, one of the nicest things about the surf on the Solomon Islands is the fact that not many people know about it. Tourists can find a plethora of great deals with The Perfect Wave surf tours.

Around the Marovo Lagoon, diving is certainly the most impressive activity. However, not far behind this is kayaking. Tourists can explore this large salt-water lake at their own leisure when they jump in a kayak. Overnight trips are available, but most kayakers are satisfied with a half or full day option. Pax Adventure will provide the best tour packages over the internet.

Several Pacific islands nations are home to the world’s best sport fishing opportunities. The Solomon Islands is no exception. Tuna, mackerel, sailfish, and trevally are just a few of the more alluring fish species residing in local waters. Most charters leave from Honiara’s wharf. Dive Fish Snow Travel is the best tour company for sport fishing in the Pacific.

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