Lefaga Bay sunset by Jorge Price via Flickr Creative Commons


The main language used throughout Samoa is Samoan. However, English is becoming more popular in the larger cities, especially among younger locals. In the village areas, English is not so common.


The tala is the local currency of Samoa. It is often written as WST or SAT. It is not possible to use foreign currency in Samoa, so when tourists arrive at the airport, exchanging money is recommended. Alternatively, tourists can exchange money at banks in the capital city, not to mention at monetary exchange bureaus in some resorts. Credit cards can be used in the resorts around Samoa, but most transactions are primarily done using cash. Automatic teller machines can be found in most areas that have frequent tourist activity.


The country uses Western Samoan Time (WST) which is 13 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (+13 UTC). During the months of April and September, Samoa implements Daylight Savings time, making it 14 hours ahead of UTC.


Samoa uses two V-shaped flat prongs for electrical plugs. Travelers from the United States (US) will need to take a voltage converter and travel adapter when holidaying in Samoa, as the country uses 230 Volts at 50 Hertz.


Samoa is wired with the internet, although the internet is not as ubiquitous as most Western nations. Lesamoa and Samoa.ws are two of the larger internet connection providers on the country. In the larger towns, cafés have internet access, and some of the major resorts provide wireless and landline facilities for guests. However, it is best to check with the resort prior to arriving. Calling into Samoa from an overseas destination will require the international dialing code, which is +685.


Passengers who are older than 16 years may carry a limited amount of duty-free items without incurring a penalty. One liter of spirits may be brought into the country. When it comes to tobacco related products, Samoan customs allows 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco.

Tourist Office

Samoan Tourism Authority, Apia: +685-63-500 or http://www.samoa.travel/.

Consulates in Samoa

American Embassy, Apia: +685-21-436 Australian Consulate, Apia: +685-23-411 New Zealand Consulate, Apia: +685-21-711 Chinese Embassy, Apia: +685-21-115 Swedish Consulate, Apia: +685-20-036


Emergency services: 995

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