Sopo'aga Falls by NeilsPhotography via Flickr Creative Commons

Similar to other Pacific Ocean destinations, Samoa relies heavily upon its natural beauty to engage travelers. Many of the best activities on the archipelago relate to its stunning natural treasures. Scuba diving is a profound entertainment option for tourists. Dozens of awesome underwater marvels make for spectacular scuba diving spots. Tourists don’t have to worry about getting their and equipment as this is usually taken care of by the diving company.

Hiking is another popular activity among locals and travelers. There are some truly magnificent destinations in Samoa, where rainforests and highland trails provide the source for stunning treks. The wide selection of national parks and reserves in Samoa can make any hiking enthusiast’s mouth water.

Beaches in Samoa are simply breathtaking. Some of them are calm, rocky outcrops, while others are sandy coves facing beautiful rolling surf. Many of the best beaches are found near Samoa’s most reputable resorts, so tourists literally roll out of bed and into the ocean. Surfing beaches are becoming more popular each year too. The tour company, Responsible Travel, offers great deals on beach-front resorts in Samoa.

Samoa is part of the beautiful Pacific Ocean equatorial region. Therefore, the warm climate and clear waters have led to an abundance of coral species and marine species thriving off the Samoan islands. Scuba diving has developed into an important industry in the country. However, visitors will notice that many companies in the business tend to come and go quite quickly. Nevertheless, there are usually a number of scuba diving companies offering tours from the Samoan islands. Dive Savaii is an ideal tour company for diving enthusiasts.

Fishing is a significant pastime among Samoan locals, and now tourists have gotten a taste of the excitement. Fishing tours usually leave from the harbor at Apia, but there are plenty of charter boats and fishing companies available. Sailfish, marlins, trevally and yellow fin species are some of the more famous fish residing off the shorelines of Samoa’s islands. Grander Marlin offers charter boat tour packages for those who need to get their Samoan fishing fix.

There are several golf courses found in the islands of Samoa. Golf is one of the more popular activities for Samoans. The Royal Samoan Country Club is the main course on the island as it was at one time the only course available. Nevertheless, nowadays there are several other golf courses to sample, including Penina Samoa International Golf Course, and Faleata Country Club. provides deals on Samoan golfing holidays.

With the large number of rain forested areas, Samoan is famous for hiking. There are several natural reserves and national parks found in the Samoan islands, including the beautiful O Le Pupu-Pui National Park, which houses Mt Fito, the highest point in the country. Tour companies like Urban Adventures recognize the potential in Samoa’s hiking industry, so offer trekking tours for holiday-makers.

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