Mea'ai Samoa by Cherrie Mio Rhodes via Flickr Creative Commons

Food is an extremely important part of the local culture in Samoa. There are many international restaurants located around the archipelago, but visitors can still find a plethora of local cuisine in Samoa. Oka is worth trying, and palusami is a fantastic dessert made from local coconut and taro. However, Western food is far more common throughout the islands, simply because it is globally popular, and an easier way to eat. The most popular local beer is Vailima, but foreign alcohol is also available in Samoa. The larger urban areas contain night clubs and bars, but most hotels and resorts around the country boast after dark establishments too. Note that some pubs close as early as 10:00 p.m., while others continue until past midnight.

Bars and Pubbing in Samoa

Apia is home to a range of clubs and pubs. Cocktails on the Rocks (Beach Road, Apia, Samoa) is a quiet establishment that sits on the shorefront of Apia. For a livelier option, tourists should check out RSA Night Club (Mulinu’u Road, Apia, Samoa). The Amanaki Hotel Bar (Mulinu’u Road, Apia, Samoa) is a beautiful spot for a social night out. It has only been open since 2010, but continues to pull in locals and tourists almost every night.

Close to downtown Apia is the district of Vaitele Fou. There are numerous pubs and clubs found here. Working Man’s Bar (Vaitele Fou, Apia, Samoa) is known as Johnny’s Bar to the locals. Plenty of space and a nice atmosphere greet patrons. Another popular spot in this industrial district is Le Tausala Bar (Vaitele Fou, Apia, Samoa). Just a few minutes from both of these bars is the Crabbers Bar (Vaitele Fou, Apia, Samoa). Plenty of local brews are for sale inside this establishment.

One of the best spots on the island of Savaii is the Savaii Lagoon Beach Bar (Savaii Lagoon Resort, Fagamalo, Savaii, Samoa), which is located within the Savaii Lagoon Resort. Han’s Bar (Le Lagoto Resort, Fagamalo Village, Savaii, Samoa) is another refreshing bar experience. It is found within the Le Lagoto Resort.

Dining and Cuisine in Samoa

Apia has a host of international restaurants within the city. One of the most visited is Giordano’s Pizzeria (Falealili Street, Apia, Samoa). A great selection of Italian pizza and pasta dishes are on the cards here. The Curry House (Cross Island Road, Apia, Samoa) is an Indian restaurant with a great reputation for authentic cuisine. If seafood is what tourists are after, then Paddles Restaurant (Matautu Tai, Apia, Samoa) will certainly deliver.

The resorts on Upolu, outside the main city of Apia, also boast plenty of fantastic dining options. Island’s Surf Bar and Restaurant (Seabreeze Samoa Resort, Upolu, Samoa) not only provides beautiful views, but great seafood a la carte dishes. Cocolini’s By the Sea (Cape Fatuosofia Road, Upolu, Samoa) is a newly opened restaurant in the Le Vasa Resort. The cuisine is just as delectable as the views.

In Salelologa, Uncle Bill Restaurant (Salelologa, Savaii, Samoa) is a laid back establishment with a wide reputation for hearty, Western meals. At the Lusia’s Lagoon Resort, tourists will find CC Restaurant and Bar (Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets, South Coast Road, Salelologa, Samoa) and its fresh, Samoan delicacies to be absolutely ideal. The Jet Over Hotel Restaurant (Jet Over Hotel, Main Road, Salelologa, Samoa) is another relaxed restaurant, famous for its stunning views overlooking the water.

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