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Samoa Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are very cheap in Samoa. They are generally found in the main cities and towns on Upolu and Savaii. It is best to ask the driver what the rates will be before beginning the journey. Tourists can find meter rate information from the Transport Control Board upon arrival in Samoa. In Apia, Radio Taxi (+685-24-432) is a reliable taxi company. In Salelologo, Fesoasoani Atu Taxi (+685-55-155) is a popular choice for tourists.

Car hire in Samoa is a great way to get around. However, local authorities require drivers to have a temporary local license. This is relatively easy to get, as all it takes is a validation of a current national driver’s license. Some car hire companies have been known to validate driver’s licenses in recent years. Blue Pacific, 3Click, and Samoana are some of the major car rental companies offering services on the island of Upolu.

Samoa Water Taxis

Even though there are short flights between Savaii and Upolu, traveling by water ferry is another great way to get between the two main islands of Samoa. The car ferry makes the 75-minute journey between Mulifanua Port and Salelologa five times a day, so tourists don’t have to wait too long. Getting into Samoa is possible via boat too. From New Zealand, the STV Soren Larsen vessel makes the journey every winter.

Samoa Trains and Buses

Buses are available on the two main islands of Samoa – Upolu and Savaii. Upolu’s largest town, Apia, boasts the busiest bus routes. However, most of the routes begin from Apia and fan outwards. The main station sits next to the flea market in Apia town. Most bus routes on Savaii begin near the Salelologa Ferry Wharf, so tourists don’t have to travel far when they arrive onto the island.

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