Rufous-bellied Kookaburra by Greg Miles via Flickr Creative Commons

Papua New Guinea boasts an interesting array of cuisines, especially in the larger cities. Foreign influences over the last few decades have resulted in many different types of food popping up in restaurants around the country. Traditional cooking methods, consisting mainly of underground ovens, are still used in many areas, however. There is great nightlife in the major urban areas, but when going out in Port Moresby or Lae, it is best to travel in groups, as some places can get a little seedy after dark. Clubs don’t close until the early hours of the morning in cities like Lae and Port Moresby.

Bars and Pubbing in Papua New Guinea

Clubbing is possible, but if tourists just want to relax when holidaying in Papua New Guinea, there is a number of interesting, lower-key establishments in Port Moresby, Lae, and Kokopo. The Royal Papua Yacht Club (Poreporena Freeway, Port Moresby) is a great spot at which to enjoy a relaxing beverage. The best live music club in the city is Gold Club (Waigani Drive, Hohola, Port Moresby), while Ozzie’s Bar (Ela Beach, Port Moresby) is a popular watering hole among locals and expatriates.

Club 69 (Markham Rd, Stadium, Port Lae) is the liveliest place in the city, where dancing can be enjoyed until the early hours of the morning. Situated in the Lae International Hotel, Aero Bar (4th Street, Lae) is an interesting bar with a great ambiance. A more social spot for those looking to enjoy drinking and dancing is the Aviat Bar (Huon Road, Top Town, Lae). Weekends can get pretty rowdy here!
 Holidaymakers in Kokopo can enjoy several different nightlife establishments. Kadat Nite Club (Kokopo-Rabaul Road, PNG) puts on an eclectic mix of music throughout the week, and draws in a large crowd on the weekends. For a change of scenery and atmosphere, head over to the relaxed Ralum Country Club (Kokopo-Rabaul Road, Papua New Guinea), where great beers and a relaxing ambiance awaits.

Dining and Cuisine in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby boasts a fantastic variety of cuisines, from European and Asian, to local fare. Daikoku (Harbor City, Andersons Foodland, Port Moresby) is a famous Japanese restaurant that serves up food in a teppanyaki-style setting. Try the crocodile dish, commonly referred to as Puk Puk. The Italian food is simply divine at Jepello’s (Inki Street, Hohola, Port Moresby), while another great Asian choice is Chinese restaurant Asia Aromas (Steamships Plaza, Champion Parade). Plenty of expatriates frequent this well-known eatery.

Lae is the second busiest town in PNG, so there are also many great restaurants to be enjoyed here. There are several famous eateries inside the Lae International Hotel, alone. Vanda Restaurant (Lae International Hotel, 4th Street, Lae) is a popular haunt for tourists, although one of the more expensive options in town, and great Italian food can be found at Luluai’s Italian Restaurant (4th Street, Top Town, Lae). Lae Yacht Club (Butibum Rd, Voco Point, Lae) is another top dining option in the city.

In Rabaul, the Queen Emma Restaurant (Namanuh Travelodge, Rabaul) serves fantastic steak dinners and other hearty meals in Papua New Guinea. Chinese and Asian delights are offered at the famous Phoenix Room (Mango Avenue, Rabaul), and the airy restaurant at the Yacht Club (Mango Avenue, Rabaul) serves up magnificent burgers and other international favorites.

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