Photo Credit: Moshe Reuveni

Tasmania no longer connects to international destinations directly, but it is important to understand visa requirements for Australia before reaching the country. US citizens will find the Electronic Travel Authority to be much cheaper and easier to get, which is sufficient for North American travelers. Visit for more information about Tasmania.

Health and Safety

Tasmania is one of the safest states in Australia when it comes to crime. Major cities like Hobart and Launceston do have instances of petty theft and other small crimes, but violence is extremely low in number. Nevertheless, tourists should always walk in small groups after dark, and use common sense when out and about.

The natural landscapes of Tasmania are tremendously beautiful. However, they are remote. Tourists should always let somebody know where they are going before a bushwalking expedition or hike. The weather can get cold at night, so hypothermia is not unheard of. Always carry the necessary equipment, and be aware that mobile coverage is not great in the more remote areas.

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