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Isolated from the rest of Australia, Tasmania is a fascinating destination with great diversity in attractions. From the historic streets of the state’s capital to the untouched wilderness of the west coast, the “Apple Isle’s” blantant disregard for modernization has led to more than one-third of Tasmania still blanketed by natural forest. Even though Australia is somewhat lacking in national landmarks, Tasmania is one of the exceptions, which will surly delight both history buffs and adventure-lovers.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Located along the harbor of the capital, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is a phenomenal tourist attraction. Bursting at the seams with significant relics and collections from Tasmania’s past, the museum is famous for its stunning coin collection, stuffed animal displays and exhibit about Australia’s influence on the Antarctic. Art lovers will also appreciate the collections, which include works from some of Australia’s most renowned painters and sculptors. Address: 40 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000 Phone: +61-3-6211-4134 Website:

Port Arthur Historical Site

A little over a 90 minute drive from Hobart, Port Arthur is one of Australia’s most prolific sites. Formerly nicknamed “Hell on Earth” by its convict settlers, Port Arthur was an early penal settlement established in the new colony of New South Wales in 1833. Today, it houses several original buildings including the convict penitentiary, insane asylum and hospital. Ironically, it also became the site of Australia’s most fatal gun massacre in 1996. Thousands of visitors flock to this corner of Tasmania every year. Address: Arthur Highway, Port Arthur, Tasmania 7182 Phone: +61-3-6251-2310 Website:

Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Located in the heart of Tasmania’s stunning World Heritage area, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is a beautiful reserve boasting an untouched rainforest and river system. In fact, there are two rivers flowing through the park, the Franklin and the Gordon. Fantastic hiking trails lead to amazingly surreal cascades, rock pools and gorges. The Lyell Highway is the only access point so visitors have to arrive by car. Address: Franklin River, Derwent Bridge, Tasmania 7140 Phone: +61-3-6471-2511 Website:

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Like the name suggests, this park is home to two major sites – Cradle Mountain in the north and Lake St Clair in the south. There is an expensive permit fee for travelers, which goes towards the continual conservation and upkeep. The famous Overland Track passes through the region so hiking is certainly a possibility. Address: 4038 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania 7306 Phone: +61-3-6492-2103 Website:

Freycinet National Park

One of Tasmania’s oldest national parks, Freycinet on the surrounding Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast is home to a plethora of attractions, including the world famous Wineglass Bay and picturesque formations known as ‘The Hazards’. During the summer months, swimming is recommended. Visitors who enjoy safaris will be able to find an assortment of unique Australian wildlife within the park, including ring-tailed possums, sugar tail gliders, wombats, echidnas, and even Tasmanian devils on occasion. Address: Freycinet National Park, Freycinet Drive, Freycinet, Tasmania 7215 Phone: +61-3-6256-7000 Website:

Mt Field National Park

The state’s oldest and most beautiful park, Mount Field has a tremendous number of unique landscapes and fascinating wild animals like wombats and platypus. Accommodation is found at the entrance to the park for easy access to many of the attractions. Seagers Lookout, the Tarn Shelf and Mount Field East are all great hikes. Several waterfalls are also in the area, including Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls. Address: 66 Lake Dobson Road, Mount Field, Tasmania 7140 Phone: +61-3-6288-1149 Website:

Ben Lomond National Park

Established in 1947, Ben Lomond National Park is a remarkable destination in the northeastern region of Tasmania. Home to one of the state’s only ski resorts, Legges Tor, the summit, accommodates thousands of skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts throughout the winter season. The park is also a protective bird sanctuary and houses a population of flame robins. Address: C405 Ben Lomond, Tasmania 7212 Phone: +61-3-6336-5312 Website:

South Bruny National Park

Found in the southeast corner of the state, South Bruny is home to an interesting smorgasbord of wildlife. Brushtail possums, wallabies and a plethora of bird species reside within the protected area. In addition, baby penguins mate and breed along the coast. The lighthouse is one of Australia’s most iconic, and certainly worth a look and photo. Address: South Bruny, Bruny Island, Tasmania 7150 Phone: +61-3-6293-1419 Website:

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