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Seafood is the main gastronomic delight in Tasmania, as the waters are filled with an abundance of fish and crustaceans. If you favor the landlopers, fret not, as a variety of different cuisines can be found across the island, especially in the main cities of Hobart and Launceston. When it comes to beer, the state is home to two of the most popular companies in Australia – Boags and Cascade and a number of local breweries. The nightlife in Tasmania is not as renowned as other states of Australia, but you’ll surely stumble upon dynamic establishments wherever you end up.

Bars and Pubbing in Tasmania

Hobart is the heart of the state, and contains a pleasing number of pubs, clubs and bars. Most of the nightlife is centered around North Hobart and Salamanca, which continue raging until the early hours of the morning on weekends. The Quarry Salamanca (27 Salamanca Place, Hobart) is one of the more modern bars in the area. Now a bar, the Lakes Distillery (14 Davey Street, Hobart) was the first distillery in Tasmania, operating since 1839. Irish Murphy’s (21 Salamanca Place, Hobart) is a reliable pub, offering great food, music, and an unbeatable atmosphere.

Launceston is not as lively as Hobart, but still manages to entertain travelers and locals with a short list of venues. Ursula’s Wine Bar (63 Brisbane Street, Launceston) is perfect for a relaxing drink after a long day of sightseeing. The Cock and Bull (50 Wellington Street, Launceston) is an old English pub with a lively vibe. Sports-nuts will love Sportsman’s Hall Hotel (252 Charles Street, Launceston), which is a great place to strike up a conversation or catch the latest match on the big screen.

Devonport is home to a small, but interesting nightlife. Molly Malones (34 Beast Street, Devonport) is a pub owned by Australian music icon, Molly Meldrum with great beer on tap. Spurs Saloon (18-22 King Street, Devonport) is one of the best spots to chill in the city. The Alex Bar (78 Formby Road, Devonport) is a typical Aussie corner pub with a solid ambiance and great beer selection.

Dining and Cuisine in Tasmania

From budget dining to five-star restaurants, Hobart is a city with plenty on the menu. The Ball and Chain (Salamanca Drive, Hobart) is one of the best steakhouses. No seafood spot in the state compares to the food and atmosphere of the Drunken Admiral (19 Old Wharf, Hobart Town). For more stylish fine dining, head to the top floor of Mures Fish Centre (Victoria Dock, Hobart).

Launceston boasts plenty of restaurants too, although its options are more limited than Hobart’s. The Gorge Restaurant (75 Gorge Road, West Launceston) is a fantastic place for a relaxed and delightful evening out. Dockside (27 Seaport Boulevard, Launceston) serves the most delectable international cuisine and Stillwater (2 Bridge Road, Launceston) is one of Tasmania’s more elegant haunts.

Devonport’s China Garden Chinese Restaurant (33 King Street, Devonport) may not look like much, but it has a delectable menu at great prices. The Tapas Lounge Bar (97A, Rooke Street, Devonport) boasts a tasty menu in a chic atmosphere and beckons you to stay for a drink after. One of Devonport’s more established fine dining options is Essence Food and Wine (28 Forbes Street, Devonport).

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