Photo Credit: Tim Cooper

Tasmania Taxis and Car Rental

Even though Tasmania’s cities are not overly expansive, getting around by taxi is a convenient method of transportation, albeit somewhat pricy. Several companies operate in cities like Hobart and Launceston. Taxi Combined Services (+61-3-6334-0032) and Australia Wide Taxi Hobart (+61-3-6274-3120) are two popular operators found in the state.

Car rental is available at all major airports, such as Hobart International. Additional branches can be found in downtown Hobart and Launceston. Tasmania is small in size, so driving is a convenient option, but be aware of slippery roads in winter, wildlife and the meandering highways throughout the state.

Tasmania Water Taxis

The Spirit of Tasmania is the main ferry connecting mainland Australia with the Apple Isle. There are two vessels in operation, departing from Port Melbourne and arriving into Devonport some 12 hours later. Both night and day journeys are made throughout the year.

Tasmania Trains and Buses

Hobart and Launceston are the largest cities in the state, and therefore boast the most efficient and extensive bus networks. Metro Tasmania serves Hobart, Launceston, and Burnie with routes which are convenient, affordable and reliable.

There are several bus companies offering intra-state transportation in Tasmania. Two primary operators that provide cross-state services, Tassielink and RedLine connect Hobart, Launceston and numerous other towns.

There are no longer commuter trains in Tasmania, but on the west coast there is passenger train that takes travelers along the West Coast Wilderness Railway, which is still an easy-to-use transportation option for exploring the nature reserves.

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