"Burundi 041" by Africa Center via Flickr Creative Commons

Burundi Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are common in cities, especially in downtown Bujumbura. To save money, take the tanus-tanus or truck taxis in Burundi which are often crowded. Another option is to take mini buses.

If you are on a strict schedule, renting a car makes sense, especially since there seems to be no fixed timetable for public transportation. It is advised to rent a 4WD vehicle if you plan to go on long drives. Most roads are in good condition and the country is virtually traffic free, which makes driving an even more attractive choice. There are plenty of operators and models to choose from.

Burundi Water Taxis

Ferries do cruise along Lake Tanganyika, though they are unreliable and don’t have set schedules. Still, taking a ferry is a good way to combine sightseeing with city transfers, especially if you are not in a hurry.

Burundi Trains and Buses

Public transportation is reliable in major towns, but service can be quite expensive especially when traveling to and from the airport. Proposals for establishing a reliable rail system in the country are underway but far from becoming a reality in the near future. Right now, a fleet of mini buses serve the main city and its suburbs, departing from downtown. Those near the entrance of Marché Central and the central market head to the northern regions. Mini-buses that run between Burundi’s city center and the southern suburbs are parked at the back of the market close to the Interbank office. Bus service is available as late as 10:00 p.m., though it is not advised to walk around the city alone at night so it’s better to take a taxi. Mini buses are the cheapest way to get around, next to the recently abolished moto-taxi (bicycles), which have been banned due to safety issues.

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