"Burunditrommler" by Malte Christiansen via Flickr Creative Commons

Throughout the year, Burundians celebrate different cultural traditions and remember various historical events like Independence Day, Unity Day, Anniversary of Rwagasore’s Assassination, as well as the Assassination of the late President Ndadaye. Other festivities commemorate various religious traditions, but most celebrations are centered on culture. There are no fixed dates for these events, but the Centre Culturel Francais in Bujumbura can give you information on performances and festivities during your visit.

The Mancala games (football games) are exciting to watch. There are many local Burundi holidays, but the liveliest and largest celebration happens on New Year’s Day, when you can expect feasts, traditional dancing and drumming. Ask your hotel if you can get tickets to Burundian drummer performances, which are a delight to see.

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