"Pirats on the Tanganyka Lake" by Christine Vaufrey via Flickr Creative Commons

Scenic Burundi is full of hidden treasures for adventure seekers. Lake Tanganyika alone could fill up an entire holiday with all its water sports opportunities. Throughout the country are beautiful nature reserves, savannahs, forests, mountains, and parks that showcase the region’s rich flora and fauna. Even the capital boasts many interesting attractions and old monuments dating back to the colonial period. Collectors will also find many colorful arts and crafts pieces influenced by the rich tribal culture.

East African Safaris has a comprehensive tour itinerary for those who want to experience the wonders of Burundi. A city tour around the capital city worthwhile thanks to beautiful landmarks such as the Postmaster’s House, the market, mosque, national stadium, and the museums, where you can get a glimpse of the rich culture. Historical tours of ancient villages, as well as visits to the famed La Pierre de Livingstone et Stanley is a good way to gain insight into the country.

Above all, nature tours are the most exciting part of a visit to Burundi. The Lake Tanganiyaka area is known for sightseeing and aquatic sports, including fishing, waterskiing and sailing. The Lake’s inland beaches are also popular, especially Saga Beach and its stretch of white powdery sand. Burundi Access specializes in daytrips to natural destinations like Karera Falls and Rusizi National Park.

Wildlife safaris take you up close to the beautiful animal life in the country’s national parks and forests. Try monkey-spotting and bird-watching, as well as strolling around the beautiful lakes of Kirundo (Cohoha, Rwihinda and Rweru). Eden Travel and Safaris is a popular tour operator in Bujumbura.

Mount Heha, Burundi’s highest peak offers may scenic trails for trekking, along with challenging routes for biking. Breathtaking views await those who love altitude from the mountaintop. A local guide is recommended if you want to ensure a safe ascent, but trails are generally safe. Cycling is a great way to explore countryside, especially the mountains and areas near Lake Tanganyika.

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