Photo Credit: European Commission DP

The shopping scene in Burundi is very similar to that in neighboring African countries. Local handicrafts make for great souvenirs as traditional artisans are very good at basketwork, fabric weaving and mask making. Great buys can be found in small curio markets in town, particularly Bujumbura’s Av de Stade, a street lined with souvenir stalls. Shopping should be an integral part of your tour of Burundi, especially if you are fond of collecting art and crafts. Chaussee Prince Louis Rwagazore (also in Bujumbura) is another interesting place to visit. This small marketplace is across from the iconic Library St Paul.

Those into classic and authentic African masks should not miss the main craft market in Bujumbura. Visit the store run by Katenta Etienne, a talented local and member of the Association Artistes et Vendeurs des Objets d’ Art, who sells beautifully made cultural souvenirs, such as face coverings inspired by the country’s tribal culture.

There are also interesting local crafts stores outside the capital, particularly in Gitega, where the colorful fabric district is found. You will see a number of shops and tailors that sell all kinds of quality fabrics with unique patterns and designs. For a small fee, the tailors are willing to sew your fabric into any garment of your choosing. Everything, from clothes to sling bags and other kinds of products are available in the shopping district.

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