Photo Credit: Mike Rowe

Algeria experiences a diverse climate, making it very difficult to summarize weather conditions. The northern part of the country is comparable to that of typical Mediterranean countries. The desert region sees sporadic changes in temperature, so pack clothes that are suitable for both warm and cold when planning to spend days in the wild.

The northern coast has the best weather. Winter temperatures average around 50°F, while summers can be as hot as 79°F. The heaviest rainfalls are experienced in areas near Oran, possibly due to its mountainous terrain. Inland from the coast, temperatures drop to 43°F during winter seasons.

Weather in the desert is more extreme, with nightfall temps that drop as low as 14°F and daytime highs up to 93°F. Rain also comes down on the Sahara, though it’s a rare occurrence. Expect strong gusts of wind.

Best Time to Visit Algeria

If you can’t stand the heat, it is best to avoid Algeria during the summer. Road travel is particularly difficult, and flights are prone to delays due to sandstorms. If you are eyeing the northern parts of the Sahara, it’s best to visit between September and May, when temperatures are mild. However, if you have your heart set on the beauties of southern Sahara, the best time is from October through April, when the weather is pleasant.

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