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Travel is restricted in many parts of Algeria, but efforts to restore order and peace are promising. For the persistent and eager vacationer, this country is definitely one of the most captivating and majestic places to visit. Once you have seen the Sahara, the ancient ruins, and other prehistoric discoveries, it’s time to explore the rock art in Tassili n’Ajje and the historic town of Tipaza.

The beach resorts of the Oran region and the Turquoise Coast rival the best cities on the Mediterranean. Meandering down the streets of the ancient towns is a rewarding way to spend an afternoon, especially for those wanting to soak in the age-old architecture. Currently, Algeria is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, adding to the country’s list of things to do. Walking tours around the capital and neighboring towns are a great way to see stunning art and delightful culture. Collectors of beautifully designed, hand-woven carpets will be inspired at the famous Ghardaia square, where the best authentic products are traded.

Try camel trekking if you want to know what it’s like to be desert wanderer through the brave wilderness of the Sahara. Sahara Overland specializes in tours across Algeria by way of the camel or bike. Sand dune skiing is offered by Expert Algeria, and is another exotic outdoor pursuit.

Another way to cross the desert is with Azjar on a four-wheel drive excursion. The tour operator also offers rock painting trips and desert camping, among many other adventures in the Sahara. Discover the hidden wonders of the nocturnal world, ranging from unbelievable rock formations to towering cliffs, oases and dry waterfalls.

The group specializes in trips around Tassili N’Ajjer and its UNESCO-designated rock engravings. You will also find many programs that specialize in heritage exploration. Among the best agencies is Sky One Travel. Hire them to take you to the ancient cities in Algeria where iconic ruins can be explored. Those looking for archeological and geological-based trips through the central Sahara can also contact Assikel Voyages.

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