From the Amazon to the French Pyrenees and from Mongolia to India, there are so many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to get ensconced in a heady adventure. You can sweat on treks in Latin America, enjoy fine dining with Indian Maharajas, dive with crocodiles in Australia and dog sled in the Arctic.

  1. Dive to the Titanic

    Become part of a very exclusive club that have visited the RMS Titanic on the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. These two and a half mile dives to the ocean floor in deep submergence vessels are not for the claustrophobic and reserved only for the select few.

  2. Diving with crocodiles, Kimberleys

    Freshwater crocs pose no threat to divers but they still give plenty of thrills.

  3. Dog Sledding in the Arctic

    Travel to the Arctic circle by traditional dog team, learn about the Inuits and try your hand at ice fishing. Photograph Arctic wildlife like Polar bear, seals and walrus.

  4. Santiago trail, Spain

    Trek the camino from the French Pyrenees across northern Spain to the medieval town of Santiago de Compostela on the pilgrimage of a lifetime. Stay in the refuges along the way and make friends as you go.

  5. Cave diving, Mexico

    The exciting labyrinths in cave dives present a challenging and rewarding habitat that will maximize your skills, techniques and mental control.

  6. Fish for a piranha, Amazon

    One of the deadliest fish in the world and also the most tasty. Just keep your fingers away from their mouths when you’re reeling them in or you’ll lose them.

  7. Storm chasing, USA

    You will feel like you’re on the set of Twister with these vacations geared at tornado viewing. Travel areas span from Texas to Canada and from the Rockies to Ohio. Use state of the art technology to map lightning strikes, watch weather radar data and more.

  8. Dine with a Maharaja, Gujurat

    The old palaces of Gujurat have recently opened to tourism as heritage hotels. You can stay in the old castles and princely lodgings of the current day Maharaja’s, Maharani’s and their families. Dine with royalty and inspect their car or sword collections.

  9. Trans Siberian

    At 6,214 miles the world’s greatest railway can ignite your imagination from Beijing, to the Mongol capital Ulaanbaatar and the old imperial cities of Russia.

  10. Eat witchetty grubs, Australia

    Witchetty grubs are the small, white larvae of the ghost moth and are native to Australia. They are dug out of the trunks and roots of gum trees during the summertime, and have been an essential part of the Aboriginal diet for a long time.