From dog sledding to ice diving, sojourns by car or MiG to chasing tornados, North America will wet your appetite for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

  1. Dog Sledding in the Arctic

    Travel to the Arctic circle by traditional dog team, learn about the Inuits and try your hand at ice fishing. Photograph Arctic wildlife like Polar bear, seals and walrus.

  2. Storm chasing

    You will feel like you’re on the set of Twister with these vacations geared at tornado viewing. Travel areas span from Texas to Canada and from the Rockies to Ohio. Use state of the art technology to map lightning strikes, watch weather radar data and more.

  3. Ice diving, Canada

    If the average dive isn’t adventurous enough for you any more, consider the challenge of ice diving in the high Arctic. There is a tremendous amount to see and you’re almost guaranteed no one has ever dived there before or will again. The ice formations and the crystalline submarine world are memorable but the journey via foot or on snowmobiles to the diving sites are just as memorable.

  4. Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

    Experience the thrill of life underwater, sleeping the night underwater and having mer-chefs prepare your meals. You can also enjoy unlimited diving and spend multiple days underwater without surfacing.

  5. Travel into space

    Memorial journeys for the dead have a slight hitch but it’s the only way you’ll travel for all eternity.

  6. Car tour on Route 66

    Get your kicks on Route 66, the legendary car ride across the United States.

  7. Travel in a MiG-25

    Travel at more than twice the speed of sound to over 80,000 feet above the Earth right to the edge of space.

  8. Ice Hotel, Quebec

    An exceptional winter vacation and unique experience sleeping in structures made purely from ice and snow.

  9. Meet Polar Bears

    Do a tundra buggie tour right up to see the Lords of the Arctic.

  10. Dude ranching, Montana

    Enjoy Montana’s forests and rolling hills from the back of a horse.