You might give up a bit of blood, sweat or tears on these journeys of a lifetime but they’ll be worth it. Cave diving, snow shoeing and diving with sharks are part of the adventure.

  1. Cave diving, Mexico

    The exciting labyrinths in cave dives present a challenging and rewarding habitat that will maximize your skills, techniques and mental control.

  2. Fish for a piranha, Amazon

    One of the deadliest fish in the world and also the most tasty. Just keep your fingers away from their mouths when you’re reeling them in or you’ll lose them.

  3. Cage diving, Mexico

    Get up close and personal with the Great White and Mako sharks from the safety of a cage. Fish for huge tuna by night and dive by day.

  4. Snow shoeing in Patagonia, Argentina

    Outdoor travel, walking and camping in the beautiful Patagonian region.

  5. The world’s most dangerous road, Bolivia

    With a title like this it just has to be mountain biked. The steep and bumpy road starts high in the rarefied air of the Bolivian Andes at La Paz and plunges for 40 miles through lush, sub-tropical Yungas to the sleepy town of Coroico. Be careful, the road is narrow, hugs the walls of the sheer valley as it snakes beneath waterfalls and rocky overhangs.

  6. Nariz del Diablo train, Ecuador

    Known as the most difficult train ride in the world because of the terrain it follows zig zagging up a steep wall and gaining altitude quickly. It’s also one of the most spectacular through the Andes and very popular because it is possible to ride on the roof of the train.

  7. The Cordillera Blanca, Peru

    Hikes from one day to 10 are possible in this magnificent mountain range.

  8. Horseride in Patagonia, Argentina

    Take to horseback in this splendid country of hidden lakes, tumbling streams and gorgeous valleys.

  9. Hiking the Inca trails, Peru

    For many the morning sunrise over Machu Picchu is an ultimate in adventure hiking. The amazing terraces, the high altitude and fabulous isolation is breathtaking.

  10. Dive the Amazon basin

    It’s been cruised, kayaked and hiked but how many divers have ever explored the underwater world of the Amazon? Rainforest streams and small rivers have created unique viewing options for snorkelers and divers to see the incredible fishes and aquatic animals.